About us


We're here for the sleepy heads. Ever since we began, we've been focused on creating sustainable and luxurious bamboo bedding and sleepwear for adults and minis. All we've ever wanted is to make bedtime as comfy (and good looking) as possible!
This means that our collections are uniquely designed with uncompromising comfort, quality and style in mind. Founded through a shared love of soft, natural fabrics, Mulberry Threads believes in luxury with an eco-friendly ethos. 

Our story

Mulberry Threads was founded in 2014 through a shared love of soft, natural textiles by sisters Claire and Kate and their childhood friend Kira. As linen and homewares lovers, we often felt like we had to compromise on high quality and stylish design when choosing a product that was sustainable, eco-friendly or super comfy.

Our journey began by exploring handmade silk, with our original collection including mulberry silk quilts, pillowslips and throw blankets. Along the way, we discovered the amazingness that is bamboo and fell in love with the fabric and all its benefits for people and the planet. We tried and tested so many different textiles until we found The One we couldn’t live without. During this time, we also started to notice that there was a gap for curated colours and designs, with many bamboo brands selling the stock colours offered by manufacturers. We've always wanted to offer something different, so each of our colours and designs are carefully created by us, for you.

Since we began, we’ve been growing with our customers, and have expanded our range to include baby & kids bedding and sustainable sleep & loungewear.

Personally, we're lucky enough to balance each other out perfectly and love being in business together as we work on bringing our vision to life.

We hope our collection changes the way you sleep!

With love,
Claire, Kate & Kira xx 


At Mulberry Threads, we believe everyone has the power to create change for the better and it’s our responsibility to help protect our planet! We’ve partnered with i=Change so that $1 from every order goes towards one of three amazing sustainability initiatives.</p>